Wednesday 10.11.2021

World Premiere – Togges Dominates the Universe in 2022!

Say hello to Togges, a new collect-a-thon 3D platformer stackformer about saving the universe through total domination! King President of the Galaxy has discovered a mysterious threat known as The Void spreading across the cosmos. It must be stopped, so he’s enlisted the Togges to help him protect life as we know it. Using their spreadable, stackable cube-tastic powers they can rid worlds of The Void and return peace to the universe.

Check out the Togges Reveal Trailer:

Togges is a beautiful and unique 3D platforming game about spreading and stacking adorable cubes (a.k.a. Togges). Experiment with the mechanics, combining different Togges’ colours and abilities to find new and unexpected ways to solve puzzles, traverse the world and interact with its characters. Togges is chock full of open-ended levels set across stunning environments: from a futuristic city in the Savannah, to a realm made entirely of carrot cake, the universe is a strange and wonderful place indeed! With its hilarious story, innovative gameplay and gorgeous visuals, Togges is every platforming fans’ dream

Togges is coming in 2022 for PC and Console.

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Wednesday 10.11.2021

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